Review Your Assignments and Essays

Assignment Checker will check, review and provide feedback on your assignments and essays. If you are working on a high school assignment, a university assignment, or are practicing for GAMSAT Section 2, we can help!

How does it work?

It’s very simple!

  • You tell us a little bit about your assignment (subject, length, and nature of the assignment);
  • Securely upload it with your order;
  • We have a human review and check it;
  • We send your feedback to you that you use to improve your assignment!

We want you to have a simple experience with us, so there should never be any surprises. When you fill out the form telling us about your assignment, you will get an instant price before you commit to using the service.

Academic Honesty

Assignment Checker has a strict Academic Honesty policy that all users must agree to and abide by. In short, we will never write or edit your assignment for you. We will provide you with constructive feedback which you then use to improve your work.