Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Assignment Checker?
Assignment Checker is a service where students submit working copies of their assignments for us to read and provide feedback on how to achieve a better grade. This may be through general improvements such as spelling, grammar, layout or flow of the assignment, or it could be a more advanced check that the assignment is meeting the assessment criteria given by your school or institution.

Does Assignment Checker offer face-to-face tutoring?
Unfortunately not. Assignment Checker aims to provide a service similar to if you were to see a face-to-face tutor about your troublesome assignment without you ever needing to schedule time out of your day to travel to a tutor. It’s all online!

Why should I use Assignment Checker instead of seeing a face-to-face tutor?
We provide a safe, reliable, secure service for you to get feedback on your assignment (whether it’s a work-in-progress or a final draft). You don’t need to find the time to seek out a tutor, travel to meet them, and pay an uncertain hourly rate. With Assignment Checker you get a guaranteed price, plus you get something tangible – our feedback to you is yours to keep and use to write better assignments.

What can I expect when using Assignment Checker?
Our website asks you a few questions about your assignment (whether it’s a high school, university or GAMSAT assignment, what the topic is, how long it is, the subject area, and what turnaround time you need), then you securely upload your assignment via our website. This creates an order in our system, where you make payment and we then check your assignment. We will email you your feedback using the email address you gave us.

How can Assignment Checker improve my result?
We can’t guarantee you will get a particular result, however if you follow our feedback you will likely see an improvement. We want everybody to improve their overall grade. Ultimately it’s up to you to implement the feedback we give you.

What kind of improvement can I expect with Assignment Checker?
The improvement that you see will be dependent upon the initial level of your assignment when you submit it to Assignment Checker and how well you implement the feedback that is provided by us. So if you’re super keen on getting your assignment to a top level, it will still require you to put in the effort. We just want to make it a whole lot easier for you to get on the right track!

I’m an international student studying in Australia. How can Assignment Checker help me?
Our service is available to all students studying in Australia at any high school or university. We offer everything from checking spelling, grammar and layout of your assignment, to a detailed review of how your assignment matches against its marking criteria.

English is my second language. What is the best level of Assignment Checker help for me?
If you are happy with your research for your assignment but just want your English to be checked, our general review service will be best. If you are looking for a more detailed review of your work, the premium level with additional feedback will be best as you will get much more detail in our response to you.

I’m a parent of a high school student that needs help with an assignment. How can Assignment Checker help?
Assignment Checker can provide varying levels of assistance to help get their assignment on track! We can provide assistance for most subjects within the syllabus, although we don’t usually look at calculation-type assignments (such as maths or physics). If you are at all unclear, please click here to contact us because we are really keen to help where we can!

I’ve got a rough draft, but not a complete assignment to check. What help can Assignment Checker give me?
We can work with a rough draft! However the feedback you receive will be based upon the assignment that you submit to us. You can always make improvements on your rough draft and then submit your final copy for that extra assurance that you’ve nailed it!

I need help to plan my assignment out. Can Assignment Checker help with this?
If you’re really stuck on how to get going on an assignment, we can help! Assignment Checker can assist by providing helpful hints on getting a structure for your assignment, and putting you on the right path to creating your assignment.

I’m preparing for the GAMSAT and am looking for Section 2 feedback on my practice responses. Can Assignment Checker help?
You bet! If you’re going currently churning out practice response after practice response but aren’t sure if you’re on the right track, Assignment Checker can provide feedback on the structure, layout and content of your practice responses. The more you submit, the cheaper it becomes, click here to get started!