Assignment Checker came about because we want to help students write better assignments. After years of ‘trial and error’ over several university degrees, along with feedback from academic tutoring staff that wasn’t entirely helpful, we nailed the skills required to write a good assignment. We want to be a one-stop shop for students to improve their academic writing and communication skills.

Who is behind Assignment Checker?
This service was founded by Steph Howarth and Marty Kidd. Between us, there are four undergraduate degrees, two post-graduate degrees, a few GAMSATs, and a post-grad professional membership. Steph is a qualified secondary school teacher, while Marty is qualified in finance and is a professional accountant. We’ve written (and marked) more assignments over the last fifteen years than we’d care to count.

Can you tell me some boring details about Assignment Checker?
Absolutely! We are registered in Australia as a business and our ABN is 11972311801. We have secured this site with an encrypted SSL connection, and our favourite number is 19.